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Ensure safe drinking water to protect your health

Make your Reverse Osmosis (RO) system smart. Get TDSBot

  • Monitor water quality (TDS) in real time
  • Get predictive maintenance alerts
  • Know when to change filters.*

Ensure safe drinking water to protect your health

Make your Reverse Osmosis (RO) system smart. Get TDSBot

  • Monitor water quality (TDS) in real time
  • Get predictive maintenance alerts
  • Know when to change filters.*

Is the water you consume pure and safe?

We do not think much when we use water for drinking or cooking, but most people worldwide unknowingly use water that has bacteria, viruses, pesticides, arsenic, lead, mercury, fertilizer run offs, micro-plastics, and other contaminants in it.
Removing harmful contaminants from drinking water is essential for you and your loved ones’ health. Reverse Osmosis water filter systems are the most widely used cost effective systems to remove these harmful contaminants effectively down to 0.0001 microns. However, most systems are not monitored in real time to assure water quality. Should you take the risk?

No more worries

Do you take it for granted that your purifier is providing safe water?
Do you worry that your RO water purifier is not providing potable water?
Do you know when to change your system’s filter cartridges before the water gets unhealthy?
Most RO systems do not have real time monitoring capabilities. With the easy to install TDSBot you can, in real time, know the quality of water and the status of your filter system. You can take timely action to ensure that your system runs efficiently, ensuring that you get good potable water.

Takes care of your health and wallet

TDSBot takes over 1400 readings daily and analyses your water filter system continuously using ASTM Industry Standards and Machine Learning. It tracks incoming and filtered water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), temperature, volume of water filtered and its flow rate. It provides predictive maintenance alerts based on how your filters are performing under the operating conditions.
TDSBot notifies you when and which filter cartridge to change. More the impurities, earlier the filters need to be changed than the manufacturer’s recommendation. Lesser the impurities, the more your filters will last. TDSBot always helps you to take care of your health and may save money too.

Easy to install

The TDSBot is easy to install on most widely available RO water filter systems, especially under the sink type. Help may be required for counter top water filter systems. Please see the installation section here and a video here.
In case you cannot install the TDSBot yourself, your AMC provider or water filter technician should be able to install it for you.

How does the TDSBot help?

TDSBot monitors your RO system 24/7
Water Quality in Real Time
  • Get notified if the TDS of incoming or purified water exceeds your pre-defined levels.
  • Improve health with right insights.
Status of Filter Cartridges
  • Shows the usage of all cartridges, service record and remaining estimated life based on actual volume of water filtered (Not time based).
  • Change filters only when needed. Sometimes filters perform longer than their standard life due to better incoming water or lower usage. Save money.
Data Driven Actionable Insights
  • Alerts when high or low water temperature detected as this may damage the RO membrane.
  • Notifies of changes in flow rate over time. It may indicate blockage in the system or a damaged RO Membrane.
  • Proactively take action to make your RO system last longer.

Innovative & Intelligent

Unlike conventional handheld TDS meters that might give varied readings due to measuring conditions, the TDSBot connected to your filter system gives consistent readings based on data collected every minute that is processed using industry standards. You have full access to live and historical data through our App / Dashboard. Our readings may not match those taken with typical meters but are more accurate and transparent.

The TDSBot App
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Socially and environmentally responsible

To foster a healthy planet and a more sustainable future, we believe water needs to be free of harmful contaminants before consumption. It is a common misperception that owning an RO water purifier system is expensive and inconvenient. People resort to water delivered in 20 liter and smaller plastic bottles. More and more people are becoming aware that these end up in landfills or are partly reused, thus creating a crisis.
We invented the TDSBot that monitors RO systems in real time, and provides users with actionable insights to use filter cartridges optimally, while assuring good potable water. We hope that more and more people use purifiers at home rather than using bottled water and make an impact on reducing plastic waste.

How safe is your water

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Get TDSBot

TDSBot tracks incoming and purified water TDS (ppm), temperature, volume of water filtered and its flow rate in your reverse osmosis water filter system. It provides you with real time quality of water, total water filtered, and status of filter cartridges. It notifies you about water quality, leaks, blockage, abnormal temperature and predictive filter maintenance alerts so that you can proactively take action to ensure that your system runs efficiently and ensure good potable water always. Visualize system dashboard, device setup, configure alerts on the free smartphone app for iOS or Android.
TDSBot is a Wi-Fi connected device. It requires Bluetooth (for setup), power adapter (not included), a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, and power outlet.

*The filter change dates are inferred from RO system model performance specifications, incoming & filtered water quality, total water filtered, flow rate, temperature and other operating conditions. These are approximate. Always refer to the manufacturers’ specs for details. Please see our terms and conditions.
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