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Story of the TDS Bot

With a lot of hard work, persistence, and most important the help and active feedback from users of RO Systems from all over the world, and friends we have been able to produce the most inexpensive real time Reverse Osmosis water filter monitoring system. We hope the TDS Bot will become a game changer in the mission of ensuring safe and potable drinking water while reducing waste. Too often, users forget to change the clogged filters or change them early. Both are harmful in their own way. With monitoring comes the chance to overcome both.
Drinking good quality water is essential for living a healthy life. People widely rely on Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter systems to purify the water they drink and food preparation. Yet, in this age of IOT and machine learning, Reverse Osmosis systems don’t have the capability to monitor the quality of water they output and predict the life of the filters so the users can “always” have a peace of mind that they are drinking good quality water and also that they are using the filter cartridges optimally. Our mission is to enable everyone to utilize their RO water filter system to the fullest while always be aware of the quality of water the filter system is generating at an affordable price. This will help in reducing plastic waste and carbon footprints and perhaps save you some money while assuring the quality of water you consume at a level of TDS you are comfortable with.
Naren Bansal is an entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in Engineering, IT, Marketing, and Management. Previously Naren co-founded Xelsat, a full service provider for satellite communications equipment and is currently involved in initiatives related to water quality, reducing plastic waste, and curbing climate change by decreasing consumption of electricity using psychology and machine learning. Naren earned a Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.
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